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Is It Summer Yet?

All Photos from Pinterest

(Clockwise from Top Left): Hot Chocolate; Tiffany Box Wreath; Winter White Wedding Centerpiece

It's not even officially Winter and it's already too cold for me (sorry, I'm a Summer baby.) Even as a kid, as beautiful as the snow was to look at, I limited my time playing in it. After spending what seemed like forever getting all bundled up to go outside I would end up sledding and throwing snowballs for all of 20 minutes before going back in the house to consume gallons of hot chocolate and hot apple cider (thanks Mom!)

The one thing Winter has to offer is lots of inspiration. Aside from the traditional red & green color scheme of the Christmas season winter white, silver, gold and various shades of blue are also perennial favorites. When creating stationery for events taking place during Winter, those are good starting points for those that don't have a particular color scheme or theme in mind. It's always a nice touch (though not necessary) to give a nod to the season in which the event takes place.

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