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Make certain that your Passport is updated.  A current passport for foreign travel requires that your passport is beyond six months of the date of your departure.  So, if you are planning to go on any part of Meagan’s birthday excursion to Greece, the expiration date on your passport should be January 4, 2023 or later.  If you need to renew your passport, know that it can take up to 3 months to receive it by mail, or you can get an expedited return of a renewed passport at an additional cost of $60.00.

If you don’t have one, you may want to invest in a Global Entry card.  This card can be used at kiosks on entry to any international port.  US Border Patrol and Immigration Services does a background check which eliminates the holder from any question about their name possibly appearing on a potential watch list.  There is the added benefit of rapid inspection when entering a foreign country.  In addition, you get the benefit of TSA precheck when you include your trusted traveler ID number on your travel bookings. 

A VISA is not required for US citizens to travel through Greece or Italy.


Foreign governments are very strict about their COVID-19 restrictions and requirements.  For entrance into the country and all public events and spaces you must be prepared to show proof of full vaccination and/or negative status report taken within 48 hrs.  So, have passport and COVID-19 report ready to show at all times.  It is suggested that travelers carry photocopies of the documents and keep the originals in a separate location.  We suggest to also take a photo and save to the wallet or other folder on your cell phone.

Please bring a sufficient supply of masks to be worn throughout your trip.  Though, there will undoubtedly be masks everywhere!


The prevailing currency in Greece and Italy is the Euro (€).  If you plan to use your debit/credit cards (recommended for most purchases other than street vendors), please make certain you inform your financial institution(s) of your upcoming trip, the dates and the locations.  You DO NOT want the flow of your cash stopped while out of the country.  It can sometimes take up to two days to have your funds unblocked (been there, done that!).  You can take care of this online through your banking institution(s), and it’s not too early to do this now.

Tourism is a significant part of the economy in Europe.  Gratuities are expected as part of most services provided.  At restaurants however, please check your bill to determine whether a gratuity has already been added to your bill.  If so, you are not expected to leave any additional tip.  Tours and hotel/household servicers will also expect to be tipped at the conclusion of service.  A gratuity of 5% to 10% is customary.  It is a good idea to have a lot of small bills just for this purpose.  If you run out of Euros, most countries are delighted to also receive American currency.  That is especially true if the US dollar is trading at a greater rate than that of the host country.  Please be aware that the Euro and American dollar are currently at par.  Check this again just prior to departure.


Many excursions have been pre-selected to provide an opportunity for a cross-section of what Greece & Italy have to offer that may be of interest to most of our party.  We obviously will not have the time to do all of them.  Nor is it expected that we will experience these options as one group.  Select what may (or may not) be of interest to you.  We may be traveling with small numbers of us in several different directions and experiences a day.

We ask that no one travels alone at any time.  Try to agree upon what you would like to do with at least one other person.  Your party hosts (Jo Henderson; Meagan Henderson) will require that they know the intentions and whereabouts of all members of our party at all times.  So, we would appreciate that you sign up for any excursion that may interest you through one of us.  We will handle the reservations and details for your party and provide the entire group with who has signed up for what before we depart on our vacation.  Once we arrive at our destination, the day before we will again go over excursions for each day to again assure we are informed of where and how we are all going to spend our day.  You are certainly welcome to choose your own adventures.  But please check in with us. We are aware that we have called you together to spend this milestone event with us and we feel responsible for your well-being as well as your good time.

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